Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Letters from the CEF students for their sponsors

Twice a year our CEF students write to their sponsors. The youngest of the students who haven't yet developed the ability to write send a drawing instead. The letters are often interesting and delightful. Some students struggle with letter writing and their letters are not filled with interesting details, but we are glad they still make the effort to write to their sponsors. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Single CEF mums and their daughters

Most of the single mothers of our CEF students are warm and caring women who work hard to give their daughters a better life than they themselves have had and have.  They don't want to see them suffer in the same non-stop way they have.

We admire these devoted and hard-working mothers and are thrilled that because their daughters have sponsors they are being educated and have the potential for very different lives to their mothers.  

Friday, November 17, 2017

A proud father

Dad is so proud of her and we are thrilled for this CEF student as she has been accepted to study at a very good university in Ho Chi Minh City.

Her mother died of cancer many years ago and dad has been challenged to bring her up on his own. He is a very caring and hard working dad although he hasn't good health. He is working even harder these days to support her living costs in Ho Chi Minh city and she has funds from CEF for her tuition and related education costs.

We are thrilled she has been successful and has the CEF support to make this possible.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sanitary kits from Days for Girls

Days for Girls donated many natural, cotton, washable sanitary kits to CEF. 
The staff spent two days putting the kits together with volunteer help as well. 
They were eventually donated to many of the ethnic girls in a high school up near the Vietnam-Laos border who needed them.
We are most grateful to Days for Girls for this amazing generosity.
These kits will mean the girls have sanitary supplies without any cost to them, which will last for a long time.  

Contents of a finished kit

 The staff and a volunteer putting the kits together


Below are some of the students who received these kits

Friday, September 29, 2017

One of the few boys CEF helps

He is a loving and caring boy. His aunt looks after him and he helps her around the house and with shopping. He does whatever his aunt needs help with. Also he does his homework and works hard on his studies and is doing well in school. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

An amazing spirit

She is a hard working and excellent student. Unfortunately mum has advanced renal failure and spends most of the week in hospital on dialysis. Dad abandoned the family after he was released from prison. Granddad is very sweet and caring and helps look after her in their tiny metal shack, without any bathroom facilities. 

We are very proud of her and her determination to do well in school and to go onto university so that she has a good future.  She has not surrendered to a life of poverty and squalor and her fighting spirit deserves great respect. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

"For the sake of the children" she said

For granny life is hard. This granddaughter has lived with her since mum died from HV. One of her other daughters lives with her and her three children as she recently gave birth and it is the tradition in Vietnam to go home and be cared for by your mother after giving birth.  One son has just been released from prison, who also has HIV, but can't find work, so she is having to support him too, as well as his son, who his wife left with granny when she left the relationship.

Granny is exhausted and depressed and yet keeps on working - "for the sake of the children" she said.

She has been most grateful that her granddaughter has been sponsored for the last year as it has been one less worry and financial stress to deal with.

If interested in sponsoring please do get in touch:

Why do we at CEF want girls to be sponsored?

Here are some simple and important reasons CEF wants girls to be sponsored:

1. They need a full education to have choices in life and not continue the cycle of poverty of their parents and grandparents.

2.It reduces their risks of being abused and trafficked.

3.It gives them time to mentally, emotionally and physically be prepared for the world of work, relationships and family.  

Why do we want this particular girl to be sponsored?

1. Because her mother deserted the family and hasn't returned, dad is an alcoholic and works far from home, granddad is old and has no income, auntie works the rice fields and can only manage to feed the three of them.

2. Because she is too young and not ready to leave home and work, like all her sisters and brothers did.

3. Because she is the only one in the family who has the potential to graduate from high school and get a job that will support herself and her aunt and granddad.

4. Because she deserves to be educated and wants to be!
Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam (US website)

Friday, September 8, 2017

CEF's board of directors in the USA

It's wonderful to have people on the board who are really interested and really care about the work CEF does in Vietnam, who think positively, creatively and are multi-skilled and experienced in many relevant fields.  
This important support is a blessing which I am very grateful for whether face to face for our AGM or by email or phone.