Sunday, September 9, 2018

A CEF student is now sponsored for her last two years of her high school education

Having a sponsorship to do her last two years of high school is really important, so we are very grateful to her new sponsors for this meaningful help. She has no parents, and lives with her aunt and granny who have almost no income due to granny being old and her aunt having a serious back injury.

She wants to complete high school and as she loves English her hope is to train to be a receptionist after high school.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Vietnam's beauty helps to nourish the spirit

I am mainly writing about the challenges our CEF families and children are facing and help that is needed. but I wanted to share another aspect of their lives. Our students all come from poor families, but they live in beautiful or interesting environments. I believe this beauty of their surroundings helps them. The greenery, the mountains, the hills, rice fields, rivers, streams, lakes, bridges and the historical buildings are beautiful or interesting and help nourish their spirit, which is a huge help when struggling to make ends meet.  I believe this nourishment helps give them the strength to not give up.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Apologies for the delay in being in touch and getting information to you

Hello dear supporters, donors, sponsors, partner organizations, friends and readers,

Due to unexpected travel due to my mother being unwell over the last year and now due to her death, I am behind with some work which includes getting updates to you, newsletters out and staying in touch with you as much as I would like.

I will do all this as soon as I can and ask for further patience.

Thank you so much,

(Founding Director and In-Country Manager - Vietnam)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A new school year starts soon and what does that mean

In Viet Nam the new school year starts soon. For the students this means studying all day. Some of it will be spent attending classes at school, some compulsory extra tuition classes at school, and some in private extra tuition classes at teachers homes and then doing homework at home. Saturdays are usually spent on school activities, some private tuition and homework as well as helping around the home. Most students have a free day on Sundays when they do more homework and chores around the house and many have to do farming to help the family. 

For us at the office now it's time to prepare home visit schedules for each area we work in, do home visits to our students and families, write up reports, prepare for term one payment days and much more. 

Also we need to make sure we have a sponsor for each CEF student. Sometimes the sponsors who have committed to see a child through their education have to stop for financial reasons and we need to find new sponsors. Each year we have high school graduates and some who have applied to go to university need help and so we need to find them sponsors or even two to share the sponsorship. As university is more expensive than high school, the cost of university is too much for some sponsors to carry on their own.  Every year we also have new students we take on who urgently need help to stay in school and they need sponsors too.   

Without our staff, donors and sponsors, partner organisations, advisors and board of directors all this help for girls to stay safe, in school and receive an education, so that they can break the poverty cycle and have a future with choices, would not be possible. So we are reminded often as we work, how crucial the support is that we fortunately do receive.
With huge thanks to all those who are interested in our work, those who encourage us and those who support us in some way, as it all makes a difference,

Monday, August 13, 2018

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dental care for CEF students

CEF students receive free dental care each summer. Big thanks to East Meets West Dental who give them free dental examinations, dental care, hygiene lessons and give them a free toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Also thanks to Go Philanthropic who make this dental care possible. Our students need to get to the dentists and the Healthy Kids Fund from them enables us to transport many of the children to the dentist and reimburse transport costs for others who come separately from other areas. Without this support they won't go to the dentist as their families are too poor. 

We hope that over the years all our students will learn good dental hygiene and take good care of their teeth.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Farming in the forests ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Truy Tran

The summer holiday started three weeks ago and many students have free time after a long busy academic year.

Many of our students parents are farmers and the summer is the season of harvesting rice, peanuts and corn. Our students from farming families who live in the remote mountainous areas face challenges farming. Due to the natural environment the paths are steep and sometimes muddy, resulting in them having to walk at least four hours to their farm in the forest. Consequently they stay there for two to seven days during harvesting. They bring food, water, pans, pots and tents. After harvesting, they then have to carry all their produce on their back down to the main road where they can get help to transport their produce home.  

They work so hard, but their crops give them satisfaction in the end if there has not been any natural disasters.

(Photos: our scholarship student working on the family farm in the forest, and on the way to her farm)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hospitality training for two CEF students

These two students are very different but what they have in common is the poverty of their families and their desire to go into hospitality.

D's parents divorced when she was young and the only place for her to live was with her granny and mentally ill uncle. Both parents remarried, but her step father died a few years back as did granny. For the years we have known her no matter what has been going on for her, she has been the top student in her year. She could easily study law or medicine or any subject she wanted to.

T's parents have poor health, with dad on dialysis three times a week. Mum is the sole worker. Her brother suffers with severe mental illness. She has to help a lot around the home and struggles to do her studies.

They both want to go into hospitality for the same reasons. There is a need for both of them to earn as soon as possible. High quality hospitality training is available locally and only takes one and half years, while a university education takes four years to complete for most subjects. D wants to support herself, her uncle and her mother. T wants to help support her family and herself.

Both of them are being very realistic and selfless with their plans for the next stage in their lives.