Thursday, August 17, 2017

This student is in need of a sponsor for the remaining four years of school

V needs a committed sponsor for her to continue her education and complete the last four years as her father can't earn enough to cover this cost. Mum has died, dad has poor health and works when well enough. To find work he has to travel to a large city as where he lives in the countryside there is rarely any work.

When dad goes away she has to look after herself, with various relatives from the area staying the night with her, so she is not alone at night. When dad goes away to work she is very sad although she knows it is essential to do that to afford their food and household bills.

V's sponsorship for 2017-2018 is US$320. We hope you can sponsor her and if so please get in touch:

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One of our students in need of a sponsor to take them through university

K wishes to study Chain Supply Management, which seems a practical and realistic choice, but she needs a sponsor to help her to be able to attend university.
She was thrilled to get accepted at the university of her choice and to do the course of her choice.  It's a university with a very good reputation. K wants to find a good job in a reputable company in Da Nang city after graduation.  
During this summer holiday to help cover her personal costs while going to university, she has been working in a local 'com' rice restaurant.
K was born into a poor family of 6 and is lucky to have parents. Her family home is in Phuoc Son district, a mountainous area in Quang Nam near the Vietnam-Laos border.
In 2012, they had a new small concrete house built with funding provided by the Labour Union of Quang Nam province. Once they had a stable home they were removed from the 'Poor Household' list and moved to 'Nearly Poor Household' list which means although they are poor, they now only have free medical insurance.
Her father works as a security man for the Education Department of the District. He earns US$150 monthly. After working there, he comes home to farm. Her mother is a farmer. Although she has high blood pressure, she still works very hard. She plants rice for eating and grows vegetables for the family and for selling. Most days, she can earn about US$5 from selling vegetable at the local market.
Her parents didn't complete secondary school but they believe that a good education will give  their children a better future so they try their best to support their children’s education. They don't earn enough to send their youngest two daughters, who are twins, to university, K being one of them.
Although K is saving to cover her personal costs and will work while at university, and her parents will get a loan to cover her accommodation costs, she still needs a sponsor to cover her university fees, related charges and study supplies. She only needs a sponsorship of US$400 each year for 4 years.
Please get in touch if you can help her: 

Proud CEF parents

Sometimes we feel like the parents of our CEF children. When they overcome obstacles, do well in school or at something challenging we feel very proud of them.

At present we have many students who have recently graduated from high school which we are thrilled about. They all have challenging family situations and to make it this far is a wonderful achievement and we are very proud of them all.

 One girl stands out.  T has had a challenging life and childhood. She and her mother lived in a shack in the countryside where men tried to break in at night, then they moved and built a shack on the edge of Hoi An where mum felt safer. The government gave them a small grant and they borrowed some money and were then able to build a very small solid home. Her mother has done whatever she can to earn money and for many years did heavy labouring work until her health started to suffer. Since then she has made rice porridge, made small lanterns with brightly coloured threads and tried raising a sow, enabling her to have a small income, but not enough to put her daughter through school.

T has been sponsored by a kind sponsor through Go Philanthropic, enabling her to continue and finish her education. They are most grateful for this support which enabled her to continue her education but also take extra tuition sessions and summer English lessons last year.

She has done very well in her final year, final exams and her university entrance exams. She has not only been accepted to possibly the best university in Vietnam, but also has been given two grants for the four years of studies which mean she does not need to worry about any aspect of her education.

That is quite an achievement from a girl who could have easily surrendered to a life like her mothers, but we are so happy to say she didn't. Being sponsored was a big part of the picture enabling her to receive a good education with the extra educational support she needed, but also her strong spirit is part of the picture too. It's been wonderful and heart-warming to see her do so well and become a lovely well-educated young lady.  University starts in three weeks and she is preparing for the move to and change of living in a large city.

We are very happy about her success and very proud of her and wish her well with the next stage in her education and life.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

School is starting soon and we have many students in need of scholarships

School starts soon and we have committed to helping many girls from near the Vietnam-Laos border to staying in high school, but to keep our commitment we need people like you to help them. US$200, approximately the cost of five dinners out for one, will keep one of them in school for another year. At this stage in their lives this makes a huge difference.

Minority tribes are targeted by traffickers as most parents and grandparents of the girls are uneducated
Near the border the girls are vulnerable to being trafficked
Illegal marriage at 14 or 15 is normal
Having first babies at 14 or 15 is considered normal too
Carrying on the family tradition of farming is expected by most families although they themselves can't make ends meet and support their children
Alcoholism is a problem due to the sad situation of poverty generation after generation
Most are trying to keep it together on a day to day basis and they can't see into the future and what is possible
Their children need the opportunity to complete high school, then they are more employable and they have managed by then to avoid a lot of the above happening to them
Below are photos of few of the many girls in need of a scholarship. Please get in touch if you would like to take out a scholarship.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Time with our newest board member

CEF's newest board member, Robert, lives up in the beautiful Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts.
We had some valuable time together discussing many aspects of CEF. His experience in management, NGO work, living in a developing country, and being on boards is valuable and the meetings together were extremely beneficial. I feel very grateful to have him on our board.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Budgeting Workshops

Twice a year  and sometimes more we run simple half day budgeting sessions for a few CEF students at a time enabling us to work with them individually on their university budgets.

We believe it is crucial for our high school graduates and university students to have a grasp of financial literacy as without it they can not manage their money and can't manage to make their funds last while in university. We have had students be so cautious that they lived off instant noodles and vegetables and consequently they have no problem with making their funds last. On the other hand some have seen delicious street food in the streets near by their accommodation and instead of cooking have dined well and been puzzled when their funds have run out.

In the sessions they mainly learn through shopping games and then apply those principles to their personal budgets for university. Some easily grasp budgeting and others don't. Some students are invited to attend the workshops more than once to help them deepen their understanding of budgeting.

Photos are from the most recent July Budgeting Workshop

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A few photos of Hoi An and near by to give a sense of the area

CEF is based three miles out of Hoi An ancient town. Many of the students in our sponsorship program live in Hoi An, or on the outskirts and not far away.

Here are a few local photos to give you a sense of the area.

Along Bach Dang street in Hoi An town
Afternoon street food in Hoi An  

Local artist painting along the river front in Hoi An

Breakfast food seller in Hoi An

 Outside of Hoi An where the main river going through Hoi An meets the ocean

 Watering scallions at a local vegetable garden
Thinning scallions at a local vegetable garden

Monday, July 24, 2017

Life Skills Workshop on Communication Skills

CEF recently ran a Life Skills Workshop on 'Communication Skills', which was most successful.
This important workshop was possible due to financial support from Go Philanthropic. We at CEF are most grateful as are our Quang Nam and Da Nang high school and university students who thoroughly enjoyed the day as well as finding it very useful. 

We were fortunate to have a wonderful teacher for the day, Ms Huyen, who was from Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. She has experience in teaching this subject, but also knows how to retain the interest of the students by including many enjoyable games that showed what she was talking about.

The students worked in groups and took turns in presenting group decisions and ideas. They worked on verbal communication, communication by body language, non verbal cooperation as well as social media communication especially about Facebook.

As Facebook is the means by which a lot of human trafficking takes place these days we felt it was crucial to have the students fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook and how they can use it wisely. Games, role play and discussions were used to understand this crucial communication method.

We are very grateful for the support from Blue Dragon Children's Foundation for sharing their wonderful Ms Huyen who ran this excellent day.

I was very happy with our hard-working staff who planned, helped and managed the day as well as the help of the three dynamic joyful volunteers.

Big thanks to all who helped and supported us to run this day.        

Untangling without verbal communication

One of our university students presenting the work of her group

Students listening to Ms Huyen, from Blue Dragon Children's Foundation who was their
teacher for the day

Lining up according to foot size, but it had to be organized without talking

Doing group work

Students, staff and volunteers with Ms Huyen, their teacher of the day

Friday, July 7, 2017

Some of CEF's Creative Photography students at Hoi An's Precious Heritage Museum

Recently some of our Creative Photography students visited a wonderful Museum in Hoi An ~  the Hoi An Precious Heritage Museum in which hang photos by internationally known photographer Rehahn and the clothing of many Vietnamese ethnic minority communities. They thoroughly enjoyed the visit and we hope the photos inspired them as well.   

 Photo of one of Rehahn's photos

 Photo of one of Rehahn's photos

Photo of one of Rehahn's photos