Friday, July 7, 2017

Some of CEF's Creative Photography students at Hoi An's Precious Heritage Museum

Recently some of our Creative Photography students visited a wonderful Museum in Hoi An ~  the Hoi An Precious Heritage Museum in which hang photos by internationally known photographer Rehahn and the clothing of many Vietnamese ethnic minority communities. They thoroughly enjoyed the visit and we hope the photos inspired them as well.   

 Photo of one of Rehahn's photos

 Photo of one of Rehahn's photos

Photo of one of Rehahn's photos

New increase in CEF sponsorships and scholarships

Children's Education Foundation has just put up sponsorships and scholarships for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 years.

The increase in sponsorships covers inflation from the last year and covers the estimated inflation for the next two years. If inflation is lower than the estimation we will be able to keep the sponsorships the same for another year after that.

Our scholarships have gone up as we wish to include funds to give further support to the high school students from this predominantly ethnic community we work with near the Vietnam-Laos border, but also to be in a position to give some annual support to the parents. Some of the children have been passing over part of their scholarship to their family due to family health issues and ongoing grinding poverty.

We hope this change in payment will mean that the children will now use all funds given to them for their education. They are from such poor families that we understand why they have been doing this although we asked them not to do that, and explained that the funds were for their education only.

They are such honest children that they told us they had given some funds and explained why. All reasons were totally valid and acceptable as many have very sad, challenging family situations.

From 7th July 2017:
Scholarships are now:US$200

Sponsorships are now:
US$260 for primary school students
US$320 for secondary school students
US$385 for high school students

Thank you for your interest in CEF and your support,

Saturday, July 1, 2017

CEF Creative Photography Sesssions

Over the summer holidays our local students who are interested in photography attended sessions on Creative Photography with four photographers in four different areas in and around Hoi An.

We believe creativity is important especially for our students who all come from poor backgrounds. The ability to think creatively allows them to resolve challenges creatively.

At the end of the sessions the best three photos from each student were printed and put on exhibition at Dingo Deli in Hoi An.

Prize giving is 3pm on Saturday 15th July at Dingo Deli.

(Photos above are some of the final photos on exhibition)