Monday, September 26, 2011

A full September

It's exciting that we should have a new website for Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam in the next few weeks. A most kind volunteer has worked hard on it and it's almost complete.

We have had three busy months including having a summer beach outing for the children in Quang Nam which was so much fun for everyone. They learnt water safety rules, and learnt to submerge themselves, hold their breath underwater, and float, and they had basic swimming lessons too. 

In the last few months we completed home vists and then payments visits to all our children in all projects; in Danang, Quang Nam and Thai Binh provinces.  It has been a fun and interesting time. I feel it is important to spend some time with each child so I know first hand how they and their family are doing and if any other support is required to help the child do well at school.

I am now over the jet lag and am here in my New York 'office' putting together end of year reports with letters and photos for all our sponsors. It's a joy putting all their information together from the past year and seeing how they are growing, developing, learning and working hard. In their letters they express how much it means to them to have a sponsor to see them through their education. I couldn't be doing anything better.

Over the next two months we have some USA fundraising events put on by kind supporters. At the end of this week Go Philanthropic are putting on an event in Rochester that I will be attending. They have already organized educational sponsorships for two girls. Their caring organization designs and runs meaningful philanthropic tours. /  They are hopeful that some of their supporters will sponsor more of the children who are waiting for sponsors!