Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bandages for parents and grandparents of children in one of our education programs who are affected by leprosy

We have 14 children in one of our education programs in Danang and 12 of them have parents or grandparents affected by leprosy. The D.O.V.E. Fund sent us beautifully made bandages and stump caps that were made by some of their knitters. Today we handed them over and they were gratefully received.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hien has just been sponsored through Go Philanthropic

Go Philanthropic ( have found sponsors for many of our children in need of educational sponsorship and now they have found a sponsor for little Hien.

Hien's father died and her mother remarried and was not able to take her only child into the new marriage. Hien's granny who care for her makes very little sewing shoes. It's wonderful news that this little one is now sponsored!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Van is now so beautiful and alive knowing she can finish school

Van who was sponsored about a week ago is in the last year of her schooling and without help she can't complete it or get the extra tuition required to get all the information one needs to pass exams.

I wanted to share that we visited Van yesterday and this sweet girl, who I also thought was nice-looking, has now become radiantly happy due to having this support. I wanted to show you how she is also  beautiful and has twinkling eyes now that she knows she can complete her schooling.

I found it quite overwhelming what a difference this news can make to a child who really wants an education and a better future than her mother and siblings.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dieu is now sponsored

Dieu's parents drowned when she was very young. She showed us at the beach outing in the summer that she loved water and had no fear of it at all; we were thrilled about that.   

Dieu is now sponsored due to an interesting organization called 'Thought Threads' ( goal is to subsidize education of third-world students who can't afford it by generating revenue through an e-commerce platform. They plan on featuring aspiring brands, designers and their own work on their website to generate revenue. 'Thought Threads' wants to make educational dreams become reality. 

They not only collaborates with fashion brands but also are collaborating with Children’s Education Foundation - Vietnam. Dieu is the first child they are helping to have a full education!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alex of Oriental Heritages Travel

Alex of Oriental Heritages Travel came to visit our office and talk to us about our work, especially our educational sponsorships. His travel company Oriental Heritages Travel ( is based in Ho Chi Minh City and specializes in boutique travel for small groups, couples and families. He is also the in-country provider of the services for Go Philanthropic (, a philanthropic travel company based in New York,  who are very supportive of our need for sponsors and have found many for us in the last year.

Alex hopes to introduce philanthropic-minded individuals to Children's Education Foundation.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Van is sponsored now and this is will make a big difference for her and her family

Van has been sponsored! She is in grade 12 and this is her last year of schooling. Thank you Tracey for helping her to stay in school and to be able to complete it too! Van's parents will be thrilled as both have poor health, are able to earn little and have the responsibility of caring for their married, but blind daughter, their son-in-law who also is blind, and their grandchild.
It is hardest to find sponsors for the older girls like Van. Their families need help with education costs the most at this stage as they are the largest in the final years, especially in the last year.  To do well also means children need to pay for extra tuition which is usually $110 a year on top of their school fees and school related costs. For poor farming families struggling to just feed themselves this is unaffordable.

Van is a bright young lady, so this is wonderful news for her. She now will be able to complete school and have extra tuition, and if she does well enough, maybe will be able to do some further studies in the near future too!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thuy Hang has just been sponsored this evening

Thuy Hang has just  (literally just, as it was about half an hour ago) been sponsored by a lovely lady and her daughter. The mothers emails have been very touching. She has a daughter she adopted of Vietnamese heritage and her daughter wanted to sponsor a girl her own age in Vietnam. Neither girls have fathers. 

Thuy Hang's mother has poor health and a brain tumor and works hard as a garbage collector each day. She naturally worries about the future of her daughter.

In the morning it will be wonderful to be able to pass on this news to Thuy Hangs mother. She will be able to relax and be relieved a little  knowing that her daughter has a sponsor to help her through school and pay for all her school related costs.