Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Today they met the girl they found a sponsor for

Today one of CEF's girls got to meet the couple who found her a sponsor. They also are good friends with her and brought with them and hand-delivered a card, some of her sponsors family photos and a present. It was a very sweet experience to witness.

  Bruce & Elaine with the mother and daughter.

Elaine got to meet granny too.

Reading the letter; it was in English and she read it out in Vietnamese with only a little assistance. It was impressive considering that she isn't even in high school yet.

Bruce & Elaine with the 'family' and the thoughtful present her sponsor gave. Thank you Bruce & Elaine for making this sponsorship possible, and for helping make a strong connection today for her with her sponsor. Very sweet.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CEF staff have received their new t-shirts

How wonderful to receive a gift. All of us at CEF have been given lovely new t-shirts. There is something special about a new garment and we all thoroughly love the feel of these t-shirts made with gorgeous lightweight fabrics. Thank you New Paradigm Promotions for your present to CEF!

Monday, September 15, 2014

'Partnership' is very supportive

The importance of partnership and how supportive it is for NGO's hits us more strongly at certain times. One of the times that CEF particularly appreciates  this blessing is when our students graduate from high school, college or university. It is such a gift to have the financial support from a partner organization or from the sponsors they find for CEF students.

We are thrilled that one of our CEF students, Hang, had her graduation ceremony recently and received her degree in 'Office Management'. But it is sad to say her parents couldn't be there for this special event as they died when she was quite young.

Once they died, her family was in financial chaos and no one could afford to keep her in school beyond her secondary education, but because of  a 'Go Philanthropic' sponsor she was able to receive tertiary education and now she has a qualification making it easy for her to move forward through life with strong foundations, more knowledge and confidence. She has many more choices in life because of the educational support she received. What a blessing her sponsors have been; a big thank you to them from us all at CEF!

CEF is proud of Hang who just graduated in 'Office Management' - Blog by Kim Chi

      Thuy Hang has just graduated from the Quang Nam branch of Ha Noi University of Home Affairs. She majored in ‘Office Management’. She was delighted when she got her results and received the classification of ‘moderately good’, allowing her to apply for a job as a clerical worker at the school in her village.  This will be a steady job and convenient for her because it is near her hometown. In addition, if she is accepted to work there, she may have a chance to continue to do further studies at university.

In the meantime, Hang is doing many small jobs to cover her costs such as a working in a shoe factory, and as a waitress in a restaurant. She said “temporary jobs not only help me afford all my costs, but also give me some skills and life experience.”
Hang has faced and overcome many challenges since her parents passed away when she was quite young. Life was very hard for her for some years, but she adapted to life without having her parent’s financial support and loving care. She has matured so much and we are thrilled Hang has gone from being painfully shy to becoming an outgoing and confident young woman.
CEF is also content with Hang’s education efforts and success.  In other words, now there are many choices for Hang; she has the foundations to build a new and bright future on. Her efforts have been worthwhile; she has the results she deserves as she has been a hard-working and optimistic student.
Children's Education Foundation is very proud of our students and their achievements; each success of theirs feels like we are receiving a present!
Blog by: Kim Chi

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Now two of the new CEF girls have committed education sponsors

Two of the new CEF girls now have committed education sponsors. We are thrilled as this will make life much less stressful for their families and guarantee the girls receive an education.