Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New computers for staff

We use a mixture of new laptops and second hand ones at CEF. If  they are donated to CEF and are not too old and in good working order, we repair them all and give most of them to the students who need computers. We also use some in the office until they get too slow for the staff to work on. Then we repair again and pass onto our students who need computers, for just doing simple things like writing assignments.

Recently two of the staff computers got to that stage and these two staff were thrilled to get new laptops. Without non-specific donations we could not do this.  So we are very grateful for these donations. Now they can do their spreadsheets on costs of the students, estimated costs for our education programs and support programs, their reporting on their students, researching, preparing powerpoint presentations for workshops, then storing work in dropbox and much more. 

Thank you!

Thuy Dinh says: 
I am writing this note to express how thrilled I am at having a new work laptop.  My old computer one was second hand but it was a good quality one except for not having a battery that worked. I had problems when the electric power was cut off suddenly while I was working. Now, I am working without worrying about the power going off. I am sure the new computer will help me work more quickly and efficiently. Thanks so much for giving it to me!


Friday, November 9, 2018

Mentoring training

We at CEF were most fortunate to have mentoring training with two very experienced staff from Blue Dragon Children's Foundation.  This amazing organization has an extensive sponsorship program, but also specializes in rescuing and helping with rehabilitation of street children and trafficked children. 

Their experience in mentoring was most valuable as we were able to not just learn new ways to ask questions, but were also very stimulated by the related conversations and questions we were asked. Working together on the issues that arose was valuable and left us keen to amend questionnaires we use when seeing our students and families. Open questions we found out were crucial to finding out information we need to know. Taking care, showing more compassion and being good listeners all were crucial to developing better and more open relationships with our families. 

We are most grateful for this wonderful help and support we received from Blue Dragon Children's Foundation.