Friday, June 15, 2012

Our mobile library

Linh, a friend from Ho Chi Minh City gave us our first books for our mobile library. The books included a wonderful selection for children from 5-18 years old. There were folk stories, stories of empowered women, inspirational stories and books that inspired self-reflection and self-development.

Our mobile library will take books to the children we work with throughout Quang Nam province. Some of the children live in isolated communities as much as three hours travel away from our Hoi An Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam base. When we visit the children they can borrow three books until the next visit. If we find they are avid readers we will lend them more books.

A fundraising effort has just started for this project and an offer for some support for the first year too. It is an excellent beginning!!! 

This project gives me great happiness at the thought of books being available to children who have none, who have no access to them and especially for those who are intelligent and enthusiastic students. No matter how much we have raised and no matter how many books we have we will be out sharing what we have with the children in August!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A movie about the importance of education in Danang

The children from Hoa Van leper community are all teenagers and as there was a Vietnamese comedy about the importance of education on in Danang we decided to take them to see it for a summer holiday treat. Everyone enjoyed it and had a good laugh. Although it had no subtitles I even found it funny and clever. We ended with a meal at the movie complex and we also gave them some little presents.