Wednesday, February 22, 2017

About term 2 payment day ~ a very important day in the lives of the CEF children and families

Payment day sounds rather dry, but it is a very important day for the CEF children and families. On this day funds are given to the families to enable them to pay the costs of their child's term 2 education and education-related costs. In this term it is mainly the fees and extra tuition classes that have to be paid.

Most of our students would not be in school if it wasn't for these funds. Poverty means no education for many, child labour, and the risk of the child being trafficked due to their impoverished conditions.

We are most grateful to all our sponsors who enable the children to stay in school until they complete their schooling, giving them a future with greater choices, as well as keeping them safe.

Photos of most of our Quang Nam students are above. Some were not present because they were ill, two were in hospital, a couple were in school competitions. a few had exams and some had important extra tuition to attend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Creative Expression ~ Art Day in Hoi An

Each spring we have a Creative Expression ~ Art Day. We run this day when Linda DeWolf is here as she is a most creative artist and helps to inspire the children with ideas. She comes with a variety of supplies for them to experiment with which they love as there are limited supplies here in Hoi An.  

A couple of pictures from the origami session

A few photos from the collage session


There are no photos from making friendship bracelets as their hands moved way to fast and all the photos are blurred!

They had an enjoyable time and we sent them home with a goodie bag as well. Thank you so much Linda for your help, inspiration and the art supplies. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Linda was once more able to meet the young lady she has sponsored for many years

Linda helped this young woman finish high school, then helped her to have a college education. At present she is finishing a further degree to give her a higher qualification enabling her to get a much better paid job. Linda has been a wonderful support for her and this CEF student has been most grateful as her siblings are not in a position to help her and she hasn't parents to help as they have died.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

We are grateful for and love our new CEF t-shirts


We at CEF have been very lucky to have our partner organization, Go Philanthropic organize new t-shirts for us all with one of their donors and sponsors. We love our new vibrant pink t-shirts and are very grateful for these high quality t-shirts!