Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lydia of Go Philanthropic visited CEF

Lydia Dean the founder and director of Go Philanthropic visited CEF in Vietnam and was able to meet three of the children her organization has helped sponsor.

Go Philanthropic, which has two arms, a philanthropic travel company and a small grassroots charity, has been very supportive of CEF's work for three years now. We feel very blessed to have had this support and so it was a wonderful to be able to arrange for three of the girls to meet Lydia.

They had a lovely time together. There were many questions and answers going backwards and forwards and Lydia showed them on a map where she works, where she lives and where their sponsors live.

We were able to share first-hand with Lydia how proud we were of the girls, of their efforts and achievements, especially considering the challenges in each of their lives.