Friday, April 29, 2022

Supporting more girls from ethnic communities

 Only yesterday CEF decided to help more ethnic girls receive scholarships at one of the schools we visited recently in Dong Giang, in the mountains of Quang Nam, a district with a large Co Tu ethnic community.

We are all thrilled that we can help more girls from the surrounding poor communities continue their high school education and hopefully go onto university.

When they are from families who are struggling to make ends meet, they are under a lot of pressure to drop out of school, whether that pressure is from parents or siblings, or self-induced.

We look forward to working with this high school and their Co Tu students.

Photos are by Graeme Burn 

Photos include the school building, school meeting hall, students, and home of one student



Monday, April 4, 2022

Home visits in Hiep Duc

 Here are a few photos from our CEF home visits in Nong Son district, one of the mountainous areas CEF work in. Due to Covid I had not been to the homes of these sponsorship students for two years, so it was a treat to see them!

This period of Covid and social restrictions has been a strange time for us at CEF, as normally we see our students four times a year and sometimes more. Having not seen them for so long, I missed the home visits and families, their sweetness, warmth and humor. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

Survey trip for new scholarship program

We at CEF are expanding our Scholarship Program to include more students from ethnic communities in Quang Nam to help them receive a full education. 

Students from ethnic communities are disadvantaged, resulting in a high drop out rate, early marriage, and the continuation of the poverty cycle of their families. 

Our first research trip was to Hiep Duc, a beautiful mountainous region where the ethnic communities are mainly Mnong and Xo-Dang.

These few photos are from this CEF research trip at the homes of girls we visited and in the surrounding countryside.