Wednesday, February 2, 2022

About a granny's love

 One of our CEF students wrote this about her dear granny, and CEF's staff Lua translated this touching story:

There are three in my family including my granny who is over 80, my mother, and me. My mother is a single mum. She is also the main provider, so she works hard every day, rain or shine.

Since my birth my granny is the one who has spent most of her time taking care of me and talking to me. I'm lucky that I have her as she has always been by my side. She is the one who educated me to be who I am today. 

I grew up with my granny's love, songs, stories, and her food. I learned from observing her attitude, gestures and kindness when she related with other people. Granny always listens and is gentle with people. I learned by heart all of her stories and they helped enrich my knowledge of history, culture, and especially Vietnamese customs and traditions. Also she taught me to be polite and kind to others and reminded me many times about being grateful for other people’s help and appreciate the fruits of my and other’s hard work and efforts. 

Time has flown by and now my granny is so old and I’m in grade 11. I am so proud of my family and even though we are poor, my granny is always ready to help others when she can. I hope my granny will remain healthy and conscious until I can work and have the money to take good care of her.