Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tet 2014 - potted flowers in the boats

It's Tet (Vietnamese New Year) here in Vietnam. CEF's office (and my home) is outside Hoi An ancient town, so I decided to go on an outing into town to see the lovely Tet plants, flowers and decorations. At this time of year everyone goes to efforts to make their home, shop or business more beautiful and colorful. The town always looks joyful at Tet.
Not only the shops and houses were decorated with Tet lanterns, and traditional new year and good luck symbols and flowing plants, but the boats were decorated too; each had a pot of sunshine-yellow flowers sitting at their stern. These bright gold-colored plants represent wealth, money and gold; they hopefully will help bring in more income for the boat owners.
   Linda Burn's photo.