Tuesday, June 14, 2022

A few photos from our interview trip in Phuoc Son district

 A few photos of homes, students and their families from our interview trip in the mountains of Phuoc Son this week. 

All have challenging situations, some have one parent, or no parents, an ill parent or two, and all families are without enough of an income to make ends meet, as well as keep the girls in school. 

We are in the process of discussing each girl and her situation, and how much help she will need. 

We have funding for some girls but not all. If interested in a scholarship please get in touch. They are US$300 a year, which covers all education and education related costs, that are not covered by the government, plus enough for uniforms and for monthly necessities.

                                                             Hien is supported by Hanh now

                                                                       Hien with her parents

Her parents are alcoholics, they don't care for her or support her in any way, leaving her to support herself. Now she has education support this will be a huge relief for her as she had to work hard whenever possible to earn the money needed to keep herself in school. 

Linh's small wooden home

                                                           Linh, her mother and two sisters

She hasn't had any extra tuition although it is needed at this stage in her education, and it's because she has had to work all year round when not in class. 
We've promised Linh a scholarship and this will enable her to work less and study more. 
Although mum never attended school and dad just a year, due to their poverty, they want Linh to be well educated.

CEF staff Kim Chi taking Nien's photo


                                                                  Nien, aunt and cousin

Nien has a scholarship thanks to Richard. She's an orphan and her aunt, and uncle who's had a stroke, took on the role of bringing her up and in return she helps them with housework, farming work and baby and child sitting. Although a little unrealistic, we were happy to hear she did have dreams of being a professional volley ball player, although she is very short, as it showed she dreams of a future and that she has a passion. She is realistic enough to know: "I can have a much better job if I finish high school".