Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Importance of Education - by guest blogger Daphne Nguyen of Thought Threads

The importance of education flows through our lives so frequently that I think many people forget that it is still an issue in our global society. Like food, water and shelter, I feel that education is a basic need that everyone deserves to have but there are millions of children out there who are not about to attend school.
Developing a stable educational opportunity for children in an unstable environment can be the key to changing communities. That is why my organization Thought Threads and I support the Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam. We are proud sponsors of Linda's work and a little girl named Dieu. Our partnership is created out of a mutual agreement that education is an important aspect of helping children and families combat poverty by giving girls that opportunity for economic independence in the future.
By nurturing girls through sponsorship, we hope to make literacy a priority, economic independence possible and change inevitable. We recognize the educational privileges that we have and would like to share it with others less fortunate and that is why our partnership with the Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam is an important step toward making a difference.
Daphne Nguyen
Thought Threads

Friday, July 6, 2012

Photos of Hanh, her mother and youngest sister, by Ian Scrivener

Hanh's mother has four children; she is uneducated and unable to earn much as a part time fisher woman. Hanh is bright and wants a future career in the medical field. She is capable of this and determined. CEF is supporting her to be educated and have a future with choices.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photos by Ian Scrivener: Some of our children in Danang

Ian Scrivener our volunteer photographer

Ian Scrivener, has volunteered to take photos for us recently and his photos are delightful. He is able to capture the spirit of the children.

Ian is formerly a professional photographer and photo journalist and has had a life long passion for photography.

Ian started a web services business in 1993 at the very time of the start of modern Internet development and services. Over the years he has worked with a cross-section of corporate, start-up and government clients in Australia, USA, China, Singapore and Thailand. 
Ian is here in Hoi An enjoying the food and people. He is an independent volunteer and is working with a number of local international NGOs on capacity development; helping them improve business efficiencies and upgrading many of their business, marketing and communication systems.

He loves sailing and travel which he isn't getting to do much of at present as his skills are very much in demand, but we were able to satisfy his love of photography by asking him to capture a few occasions. Although no longer a photographer by profession he still doesn't like to miss the opportunity to take photos.