Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our first USA blogpage

Welcome to Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam. With a new website for the USA shortly being ready to go live, I am starting a new blog.

I am Linda, the founding director of Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam.  We are a small, non-profit organization that provides the funds and support to make it possible for girls from impoverished and marginalized communities to go to school to receive an education, so they become educated young women with confidence and self-worth, and a womanhood with more choices.

I live in Hoi An, in central Vietnam so that I may know for sure what we are doing here is the right thing for the girls we help. Being here most of the year means I see the children; I know if what we are doing is helping them.

They are not only able to see us, but can call us too; it might just be to let us know their school has reduced their costs and they want to give some money back. Maybe they want to ask for essentials for their education. Recently one of the girls called to ask if we could pay for glasses as she couldn't see the chalk board at school, and we had two recent calls for second-hand bikes to replace their broken ones, so they could get to school.

We are like a very large family. We care about them all and want the best for each and everyone of them. They try very hard to please us, as they are grateful for the support we give them to have an education. When they are successful, whether it's because their results are better, or for getting a certificate for their excellent school results, or doing a beautiful picture that won an award; they want to share it with us, just like my children have done. I feel proud of them and their acheivements and their courage and determination in the face of such poverty. I love it when they express how life is worth waking up for now, and their confidence that there is a brighter adulthood ahead. I love how I can help you, to help me, to help them have that future.

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