Thursday, February 9, 2012

Van is sponsored now and this is will make a big difference for her and her family

Van has been sponsored! She is in grade 12 and this is her last year of schooling. Thank you Tracey for helping her to stay in school and to be able to complete it too! Van's parents will be thrilled as both have poor health, are able to earn little and have the responsibility of caring for their married, but blind daughter, their son-in-law who also is blind, and their grandchild.
It is hardest to find sponsors for the older girls like Van. Their families need help with education costs the most at this stage as they are the largest in the final years, especially in the last year.  To do well also means children need to pay for extra tuition which is usually $110 a year on top of their school fees and school related costs. For poor farming families struggling to just feed themselves this is unaffordable.

Van is a bright young lady, so this is wonderful news for her. She now will be able to complete school and have extra tuition, and if she does well enough, maybe will be able to do some further studies in the near future too!

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