Sunday, March 4, 2012

12 children waiting for interviews

This is Sanh, the only boy of the 12 children waiting for interviews. He lives with his grandmother, disabled aunt and his mother in his uncles home as they don't have a home. His mothers income of $35 a month doesn't go far enough.

This term has only recently started and we already have been asked to start helping twelve children with their education costs next term. When I read about these children it reminded me of how so many struggle to cover even some of the basics, let alone education.

Some of the children we will be interviewing are Thuy who is cared for by her elderly grandmother. Trinh only has one living relative; her mother who has poor health and when she can work earns 10 cents a day. Suong lives with her mother and little sister; both have poor health and mum works as hired labor when she can. Mai's father is mentally unwell and mum's income isn't enough to care for them. Nga lives with her mother, two sibling and ill grandmother and mum can't earn enough. Thuong's mum has cancer and can't work much any more and is trying to support two children. And so the stories go on....

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