Monday, May 7, 2012

The next six weeks will be filled with time with our Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam angels and dynamos

Over the next six weeks we will have a great deal of time with our Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam angels and dynamos. It's a time of year I particularly look forward to and so do the children.

School holidays start shortly and although most children still attend some classes they have more leisure time at this time of year than any other.

We have already made our term 2 visits to the Nui Thanh, Tam Ky, Nong Son and Que Son children. As usual it was wonderful to see them. As the children I birthed became adults quite some years ago I keep forgetting how quickly children change. It constantly surprises me how their faces change, how they grow taller so quickly, how they mature, and especially how our relationship with them blossoms.

Some families bring me to tears with their warmth, gratitude and generosity when they themselves have almost nothing. Some of the children are quite feisty, or spirited, which actually I think is necessary to progress in life here. Some are very artistic and love sharing their artwork, and some are very quiet, serious and withdrawn even after many years of knowing them. So far we don't know why, but still hope that one day they will come out of their shells.

We have children to visit in Phuc Le in Thai Binh province, and five communities still to visit in Quang Nam and children from two communities in Danang.

We also have a summer treat for all the children; the Quang Nam children will have a water safety talk, floating and swimming lessons, games on the beach, lunch and a tour of the UNESCO protected historic town of Hoi An. The Danang children are an older age group and it's a long way for them to come to us, so we are going to them and have a more mature morning planned of movie snacks, a movie at the cinema, and pizza for lunch; things they can't afford to do or eat. The Thai Binh children will be coming together for an afternoon tea, a quiz and variety of rope, ball and group games. There will be prizes awarded for the best 24 drawings the children have done in the fortnight prior to the competition; 2 will be awarded to children in each of the 12 years of school. Gifts are given to take home and photos of the events are given to each of the children too.

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