Saturday, February 2, 2013

Note 5 from Linda of Go Philanthropic - Interview Visits

Today team member Hieu and I visited 3 beautiful young girls and their families to assess their suitability for sponsorship. The CEF assessment process is very thorough and provides so much insight into each child's unique situation. It is also heart wrenching when one sees "up close and personal" the living conditions of some of these families. 

The first girl-Trinh - is in 8th grade and is very, very smart (ranked second in her class). Her mom, who often is ill with asthma, earns a meager living by selling sand and making the famous Hoi An lanterns. Trinh is fatherless. Their home is one room plus a very basic bathroom, no bedroom.

 The second girl, Hien, is a real charmer...always smiling and dancing. Her father left when Hien was born and she lives with her granny and mom (who has cancer). Again, their home is very basic and practically sliding into the creek behind them. At night they are afraid to sleep because of the snakes that come into the house from the creek bed. Hien is very artistic and gets high marks in English, science and Vietnamese.

The last girl we visited, Anh, already has a sister supported by CEF. Anh's mom works as a cleaner and her father is a fisherman. They live in a hut which lets many of the elements in.

These visits provided me with a new appreciation for the work CEF does and for the very difficult situations of many of these children. I see what a difference our support can make...

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