Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trang one of the first CEF sponsored children (Guest blog by Stephen Jackel)

On my visit to Vietnam this April I stopped in Ho Chi Minh City to see Trang, who together with her sister Lan were the first two children sponsored by CEF back in 2003. (Wow - 10 years ago!) Trang is now working as an assistant teacher and continuing with post-college courses as she considers whether to continue a career in teaching, which she loves doing, or pursue work in business.

Linda asked me to speak to Trang about how CEF has affected her life, and the benefits of education for Vietnamese girls, and I was able to record some of her responses on my phone. She was very nervous about being filmed, especially speaking in English, but her sincerity and desire to provide information helped her get through the ordeal. I found her comments very moving and hope that others will too when we post the video to the blog.

Stephen Jackel

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