Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How wonderful, another year of schooling is complete .....

Another year of schooling is complete and now we are doing the children's updates, results and translating their letters. At the same time I am thinking about how this year and all we have achieved would not have been possible without our wonderful volunteers, donors, sponsors, partners, board members and staff!

Our volunteers bring joy to the children and to me as well, they make a lot possible and always bring a sense of adventure and fun with them. 

I smile when I think of all the lovely faces of the children. I sigh with contentment when I think that we have been able to give them another year of education.

I am warmed through and through when I think of our amazing donors, the children's sponsors and the wonderful support our partners give in finding sponsors for the children. Our board members and advisers are always there, and there is great comfort in that I can turn to them and ask for advice, help or support.

Without our staff very little could be done; they are truly precious gems. 


 I feel blessed and 'our' CEF children are blessed to be receiving an education that will give them a different future with greater choices, thanks to our large supportive web of good, caring souls.

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