Monday, September 15, 2014

'Partnership' is very supportive

The importance of partnership and how supportive it is for NGO's hits us more strongly at certain times. One of the times that CEF particularly appreciates  this blessing is when our students graduate from high school, college or university. It is such a gift to have the financial support from a partner organization or from the sponsors they find for CEF students.

We are thrilled that one of our CEF students, Hang, had her graduation ceremony recently and received her degree in 'Office Management'. But it is sad to say her parents couldn't be there for this special event as they died when she was quite young.

Once they died, her family was in financial chaos and no one could afford to keep her in school beyond her secondary education, but because of  a 'Go Philanthropic' sponsor she was able to receive tertiary education and now she has a qualification making it easy for her to move forward through life with strong foundations, more knowledge and confidence. She has many more choices in life because of the educational support she received. What a blessing her sponsors have been; a big thank you to them from us all at CEF!

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