Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sponsorship is always a blessing for each child and sometimes they get treats too!

Every child who is sponsored is blessed. They are able to stay in school and work towards a better future with more choices. Their carer has less stress knowing their child or grandchild is in school and they don't need to worry about their education costs.

Some sponsors go one step further and write to their sponsor child. We translate the letters and pass over the original and the translation. It is always interesting for the child to receive a letter from their sponsor.

Then there are a few who send surprise boxes. These boxes of goodies always delight the child. What a treat to receive useful, but high quality items from overseas!

It always touches me that some people have such huge hearts and don't consider the effort and cost they have to go to to do this. Because they think of the child here first, they create great joy for the child.

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