Friday, May 29, 2015

CEF's annual 'Water Safety Day' has already saved one life

This young lad slipped into the water while playing with friends by the rivers edge. As he was drowning he remembered what he had learned at CEF's annual 'Water Safety Day' and was able to float and live.  He was scared of the water and didn't even go in the water on CEF's 'Water Safety Day' for two consecutive years.  But he had listened and watched carefully both years. The photo is from the following year when he took the bold step of getting into the water.

This annual event is clearly very important: 

"......Vietnam records 3,500-4,000 drowning deaths among children each year, ten times higher than the rates in developed countries. The country has 2,360 rivers and canals with a total length of 41,900 kilometers (26,035 miles), and a long coastline of more than 3,400 km........"

Each year we need to employ swimming teachers, and find many volunteers to make this day a safe and fun day for all. Staff have organized this event for June 14th. 

At present we have teachers to teach water safety theory, 8 swimming teachers and 9 western volunteers who will help in the water. Besides learning water safety theory, learning to float and swim, and playing many games in the water to help them become more comfortable in the water, we will provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and after a hot day at the beach we will take them to an air conditioned cinema for some light relief.  

All funds are gratefully received to make this day a success:
Paypal in on the front page of the blog and on our website:
Please make checks out to: 'Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam'
Please send to: Law Office of Stephen Jackel, 277 Broadway, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10007

Thank you!

Linda Burn
Founding Director and In-Country Manager - Vietnam
Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam

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