Thursday, October 27, 2016

About a new organization, Chances for Children International, that is helping CEF

Chances for Children International is a new NGO that was set up recently. The couple who set it up are very caring and compassionate and are already helping children in Vietnam, India and Nepal. We at CEF feel very fortunate to have their support.

These are 4 of the 9 CEF children who are fortunate to be receiving help from CCI with their education.

They are helping her to receive a university education. She is studying to be a pharmacist, specializing in herbal medicine. She comes from a poor family in the mountains near the Vietnam-Laos border.  
Her mother died of breast cancer and just before passing away gave birth to a little boy. This young lady has helped as much as she could with bringing him up during his infancy while continuing her education.
Dad collects rubber from rubber trees in a local forest and has a very low income due to needing to spend a certain amount of time on child rearing and domestic chores as well as working. Although her father has a really challenging situation he really wants his children to be well educated.  

They are also helping this student to receive a university education. She is studying chemistry and hopes to be an analyst.
This is very exciting for her as she comes from a large family with a low income. They borrowed to build a home, but ran out of money so their home is incomplete. Dad has poor health and can't work much, so he just helps his wife with selling fruit at the market. 
Their poverty limited the education of one of their children and this very bright child who a lot was expected from at school, and she found it too hard to accept the limitations on her education, and very sadly, took her life. So having support for this student to receive a university education is wonderful! 

CCI is helping this student to complete her last year of high school and hopefully next year she will be successful in applying to study at university to be a technology teacher.
She is from a fairly new area we have been working in near the Vietnam-Laos border, where there is a lot of poverty and very few students end up receiving a tertiary education. Many of the students in this area are from ethnic communities and she is from the 'Gie Trieng' group. 
It is wonderful she has this support as mum has poor health and can't work much, so her father works hard to cover their basic costs, but they still live in a shack made from rattan matting with a tin roof.

And this student CCI are helping to complete high school. Hopefully next year she will be successful in applying to study at university to be a doctor, or a literature teacher if she can't get high enough grades to study medicine. 
She is from the ethnic group 'Gie Trieng' and where they live in the mountains it is hard to farm. Her parents have to walk a long way from home to work and for her it is a long way to school so she stays with other family members not far from her school.
Sadly she has very poor health and has to rely on pain killers a lot of the time. But even considering her health challenges she still is determined to go to university and studies as much as her health will allow.

Chances for Children International says:
Chances for Children International (CCI) is a small non-profit organization run out of our New Hampshire farm house. Our partners are small, innovative grassroots organizations. And we promise that 100% of every dollar you contribute goes directly to help the children in these programs.

Please have a look at their colourful and fresh website and support their wonderful and important work:

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