Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Larry and Judi, of 'Chances for Children International' met with more of the children their donation has helped

 This week Larry and Judi, of Chances for Children International, were able to meet with three more of the children their donation has helped. The girls travelled a long way to come and meet them at CEF in Hoi An.

One of the young ladies is a university student studying to be a herbal doctor, and is a hard working student. The other two are in school and working hard so that they can get into university. One hopes to be a teacher and one a doctor. They are very shy and not confident as they come from a very poor community in a mountainous area.

The university student was an inspiration for the younger girls as she comes from a very poor situation yet is ambitious, hard working. She has become a confident young lady as she has gained a lot of confidence since entering university. Clearly she was proud to be a university student and expressed gratitude for this support and this wonderful opportunity. We feel she is destined for success.

It was a lovely meeting that everyone enjoyed with a lot of questions and sharing. Larry and Judi encourage the girls to go for their dreams and affirmed that anything is possible and just because they are very poor and females in a patriarchal society, they must not let that hinder them in attaining their goals.

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