Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chances for Children International supporting CEF

We are very blessed to have Chances for Children International providing some greatly appreciated support to CEF. Ten children have been able to continue their education over the last year, and due to their continued support these children have help for this year too.

 One of the children we were especially thrilled to be able to support with their funds is T, as she has had a tragic life. University was her goal for some years and had kept her going through a long period of depression.

Their family is large and very poor, their home unfinished and almost empty. Dad has poor health and the only work he can manage is to support mum, who also has poor health, with selling fruit, corn and sweet potatoes at the market.

One of their many children was exceptionally bright and was placed in top classes by the school, requested to do advanced tuition and was put into many school, district and provincial competitions. Although the schools cover some of the costs related to the travel they don't cover all and they don't give the tuition free. Their family couldn't afford such costs and it all became too much and she committed suicide at home.

The family were devastated and shocked, and fell into depression, with this student I am referring to being affected the most. Once she was sponsored she was thrilled and smiled whenever we saw her, as she knew her dream of a university education was possible and she could get out of the poverty that she had known all her life.

So as you can imagine, we at CEF can't express our gratitude sufficiently to Chances for Children for making it possible to give such important support.  


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