Monday, August 13, 2018

These lovely photos he took are a gift from Manus to these six CEF students he sponsors


  1. children nurturing is sensitive task

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  3. Child Lead Course in TLF Baby care Dubai
    The curriculum at the “Three little fingers” is child-led that means there is no prescribed rules to teach the kids. The teacher analyzes the kid’s interest and designs the learning activities that keep them involved through play and fun-filled challenges. The teachers don’t instruct or dictate the kids what to do, they just act as a facilitator of the kids who are always there to guide them the right path. Get in touch with us for more details.
    Baby care Dubai

  4. Summer Camps in Dubai TLF
    Before you select a camp for your child, consider this… Summer Camp a good option for your child? What we mean to say is that is your child the kind that would enjoy the company of others his age and partake in the relative activities of a summer camp. If so, then you should proceed onwards and go about the task of selecting a summer camp for your child.

    Summer Camps in Dubai

  5. Communication Development in TLF Child Day Care Dubai
    At our preschool learning focus, we empower correspondence with and among the youngsters as it underpins and urges their capacity to impart, express and comprehend sentiments. Correspondence and language improvement for youthful youngsters incorporate picking up the aptitudes to comprehend and express considerations, sentiments and data. Get in touch with us for more details.
    Child Day Care Dubai

  6. Ethno Workshops in TLF Early Learning Center Dubai
    Ethno workshops are also held from time to time with great care and dedication at our organization. At our early learning center Dubai, through these workshops we provide a platform for building respect and tolerance, preserving cultural heritage by ensuring that traditional, folk and world music live on within young minds. Get in touch with us for more detail.
    Early Learning Center Dubai

  7. Multi Sensory Learning Dubai - TLF
    You may find several preschools but there are really few high quality early learning centers in Dubai that provide quality education in affordable price.
    The three little fingers, JLT has discussed the concept of setting up multi sensory learning centers in the classroom for kids to learn and explore through playful activities. Kids work in a team or independently to solve task and activities. Get in touch with us for more detail.

    Multi Sensory Learning Dubai

  8. Best Nurseries in JLT Dubai
    We at British Mosaic Nursery in Dubai admit that each child is unique and has a bar that is above the rest. This acknowledgement allows us to ensure parents of our creative curriculum and therefore, of the efforts our team takes in order to craft these young minds with positivity and creativity. Get in touch with us for more detail.
    Best Nurseries in Dubai