Monday, September 30, 2019

Time with some of our CEF university students from the north

Back in 2005 CEF started helping students from a poor rural community in Thai Binh province. Now most of the girls we started helping then have completed school and university, and are working women supporting themselves. A later group of  students we started helping there in 2007 have mainly finished their education with a few still in school and some in university. 
It's always special having time with them as we have known them such a long time, 13 years! We knew them when they were little angels and now they have grown to be delightful, educated, intelligent women.
Recently we caught up to do updates and to run a small workshop for them. 

Small workshop for the students - September 2019

With our university students and their trainer
Cham is studying nursing

Chang with a book of poetry her sponsor has written
Change is studying IT 

Yen is studying Electrical Engineering

Van Anh is studying Nutrition 

Tham is studying IT

 Hue is studying to be an International Tour Guide

Linh is studying Human Resource Management

Hang is studying Food Processing Technology

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