Tuesday, September 8, 2020

And 19 students were sponsored again this year

All these students have been sponsored by Go Philanthropic Foundation with all of them coming from challenging situations. Just a few examples of their challenges are that there is serious mental illness in three of the families, one mother has brain cancer, one girl has two parents who are blind, ten of the 19 only have one uneducated parent with a very limited earning capacity. They are not letting their circumstances hold them back and are doing their best at school!

Each year the numbers are less as they are all growing up, graduating from high school, going off to work or attending vocational training before a job. Some are continuing their education and receiving a university education. The family gets smaller, but the results bigger!

Go Philanthropic has been incredibly supportive and each year has helped to support our education programs as well such as Water Safety Day, Human Trafficking Workshops and Girls to Women (Female Health and Hygiene) Workshops. These workshops are meaningful and the students really appreciate learning subjects they need to know about for their safety and health.  

Go Philanthropic has been helping us to enable these students to mature with support, be educated and have the opportunity to break the poverty cycle. This is huge and wonderful support which we at CEF and the children greatly appreciate! 

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