Thursday, December 8, 2011

Binh has a sponsor at last!

As we only help a few boys, as our work is mainly with girls, it is always hard to get sponsors for the boys we do wish to help. Binh was brought to our attention a year and a half ago as he should have been in school but wasn't as there were no funds for his education.

His father is an alcoholic and abandoned him at birth and his mother abandoned him when he was very young as she couldn't manage to care for him and earn a living. A very kind aunt cares for him although she struggles to do this as she earns very little. She loves him as her own and does the best she can, and wants him to have an education so he has more choices.

This is wonderful news that he now has a sponsor to see him through his schooling; giving him the opportunity of a better future than his parents and aunt.

Thank you Linda for introducing Binh to Doug, and thank you so much Doug for helping this little boy to be educated!

Binh's home is cheap to rent but it leaks when it rains; that is for about 2 months a year. His aunt is very creative and has many techniques for catching the rain inside. She is amazingly accepting although it is not nice at all for them. Her landlord will not do anything about it.

We hope we will be able to get some donations specifically to do some repairs to their roof.

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