Sunday, December 11, 2011

These three children are Buddhist nuns

We are helping children with their education in three provinces. Here in the centre they are mainly Buddhist children and some are child nuns. In the north, in Thai Binh province they are mainly Catholic. Below are some of the Buddhist nun children with the nun who cares for them.

This girl from a young age was attracted to being a nun.

This girl also was attracted to being a nun when very young. Her family has always had nuns and monks in the family and therefore her family were very supportive of her decision.

This girl loves being a nun, and as with the others, she felt drawn to being a nun at a very young age. She is a very obedient and helpful little nun, and has a very sunny nature.

The life of a nun is not an easy one; it is not as if they are choosing an easier life. They get up around 4am to meditate and to chant and study Buddhism. They meditate and chant twice more in the day and do domestic chores.They do have three meals a day but not large ones and the meals contain food they grow or have been given and therefore meals can be tiny and lack variety often.

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