Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ian Scrivener our volunteer photographer

Ian Scrivener, has volunteered to take photos for us recently and his photos are delightful. He is able to capture the spirit of the children.

Ian is formerly a professional photographer and photo journalist and has had a life long passion for photography.

Ian started a web services business in 1993 at the very time of the start of modern Internet development and services. Over the years he has worked with a cross-section of corporate, start-up and government clients in Australia, USA, China, Singapore and Thailand. 
Ian is here in Hoi An enjoying the food and people. He is an independent volunteer and is working with a number of local international NGOs on capacity development; helping them improve business efficiencies and upgrading many of their business, marketing and communication systems.

He loves sailing and travel which he isn't getting to do much of at present as his skills are very much in demand, but we were able to satisfy his love of photography by asking him to capture a few occasions. Although no longer a photographer by profession he still doesn't like to miss the opportunity to take photos.

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