Monday, September 3, 2012

Our mobile library has started on a small scale!

Some books that went out to the children
We have been able to start our mobile library on a very small scale, due to some donations.
Second lot of books that went out to the children

It has been wonderful seeing the children choosing books and how thrilled they are to have them to read.

One of the first books out to one of our girls in the education program locally.

It's also very exciting having donations that allow us to get more books! Thank you to the book donors!
Now our next goal is funds for a motorbike so we can carry hundreds more books per visit and then be able to lend to the children's siblings as well as their parents!

The books purchased this weekend!

Our last book donation allowed us to get all these books! They just need plastic covers and to be put in a Ziploc bag and they then will be taken to our Da Nang children next weekend.

Donations can be made via PayPal on the website (please specifiy if donations are for books or towards the motorbike):


  1. Thats a very good start, I hope everyone start giving their part in this cause.

    Education in USA

    1. Thanks for that support Logan! It is exciting to be able to help the children have reading materials and to become more literate! And it is going really well so far! All the very best, Linda