Monday, September 3, 2012

Many don't have a feeling of, or experience of, security or safety

I can lock my doors and windows and rest knowing my house has a high degree of security. I am amongst the priviledged.

When you can't lock your front door or windows, maybe because you haven't got any or perhaps because they can just be opened easily, it is not a nice feeling to live with, but it's especially unpleasant and worrying when you have children.

We look at many of the traditional homes and admire how beautiful they are, which they are, and see how talented they are to make a home from bamboo and coconut palm leaves or plant fibre matting. But what we don't realize is the vulnerability they live with. They don't choose such homes because they like to build with authentic materials; they build with natural cheap materials as that is the only option for many if they want a home.

They have few possessions as well due to poverty. What would be the sense in having possessions when someone can just walk in and take them when you go shopping at the market.

Walls made of plastic or fibre matting don't give a feeling of security or safety. Bringing up children in such a vulnerable situation is an added stress for the families.

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