Thursday, August 1, 2013

Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam fundraising event on the 27th July

Last weekend we had an event to raise funds for our educational work with girls in Vietnam.

We had a small event in Brooklyn at Stephen's spacious and bright home. Stephen is our US Manager.

I did a demonstration on how to make a Vietnamese 'Summer Roll', we had a 'Tea', a raffle and I did a presentation with the help of Stephen. We ended with a Q&A session where great interest was shown, and some wonderful supportive suggestions were made.

The event is over, but funds are still coming in and at present donations stand at about $2800. We are thrilled as it's the time of year when most people are super busy or are away. I unfortunately can't get away from Vietnam for very long except in the summer holidays, so at present we don't have any other time of year we can do events in the US with me present. So we were thrilled with the turnout and the donations given.

It all was possible due a lot of help and support. Thank you Stephen for opening your home up for us; and Anne for helping me with all that shopping and with the preparing of food!  Lynette thank you for your wonderful marketing ability and your great care in supporting our work. Sushi-D donated a meal token which was appreciated, and Bruce and Elaine (who are wonderful supporters of CEF) donated two copies of their most interesting book: 'Back to Vietnam'.

Thank you for the kind and generous support of all those who could come. But what was also wonderful is that many who were invited but could not come, also made donations. Thank you one and all!

The CEF girls in Vietnam will benefit from all this support!

The start of the presentation
 Showing where we work in Quang Nam province
 Part of the presentation

Some of the 'Tea' 

 Some of our guests and donors making their own 'Vietnamese Summer Rolls'
 Stephen drawing the lucky numbers
 Our winner of the Sushi-D meal token
 Our winner of one of Bruce Logan and Elaine Head's wonderful book - 'Back To Vietnam'
 Winner of some delicious Vietnamese coffee
 One of the winners of a linen bag / underwear bag
 Lynette with her 2 prizes and me with our CEF brochure!

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