Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nothing can actually happen without you

Yes, the staff and I work all year round, but the fact is without your support in various ways nothing at all can happen!

Our 'Education Sponsorship Program' doesn't work without sponsors! I can't pay a child's school fees and pay for their uniform, stationery and textbooks without a sponsor. Each child has a sponsor and some sponsors help more than one child.

We can't have our 'Mobile Library for Literacy' without a salary for the librarian and donations for books.
We are blessed to have received a donation for the librarian and two generous donations for books in the last year. And also have received a wonderful donation for a motorbike so we can carry many books to do book deliveries and do deliveries more often. The motorbike has a large storage space, a separate container and  helmets, as well as insurance, registration and all things needed, to carry our large supply of books. The legalities are all taking place and we will be able to use it soon.

Our 'Medical Fund' is essential to keep the children healthy, but also to keep the parents and carers healthy so they can care for their children; without medical donations we can't do that. Medical care might be in the form of medications, herbal treatment, payments for transport to visit doctors or hospitals for assessments or diagnostic tests, nutritional supplementation or eye tests and glasses.

One mother who is unwell and had ovarian cancer recently, has had surgery and chemotherapy, and couldn't afford a check up, so we have paid for her to find out what is wrong and help her with further treatment.

Another mother who is weak from bleeding has an undiagnosed uterine tumor and couldn't afford tests or an exploratory operation so we are able to help her get an accurate diagnosis due to medical funds we have.

One granny responsible for the care of many children including her disabled daughter, three school age grandchildren and two more little ones, is now on long term medications due to a medical donation that enables her to stay healthy and care for the children.

We always seem to have children with headaches which nearly always are due to eye strain. So we also use medical funds to get children's eyes tested and for the purchase of eyeglasses.

Three girls needed vitamin and mineral supplementation and that was possible due to our medical donations. Another girl had undiagnosed asthma and now is on treatment. One girl has heart disease and it's an unusual case and has involved many trips to hospitals for tests and consultants, but with the medical support we have and with support from Hoi An Foundation and their cardiac team we have been able to help her.

Our 'medical' fund needs donors so we can help the children and family. One bequeath from dear Gabby has helped hugely and Go Philanthropic are helping with our medical funds too. These donations make a big difference. Without good health the children are challenged to attend school full time, concentrate and be awake enough to learn. The carers can't look after their children when unwell and as many of our children only have one parent it is crucial they are as healthy as possible.

Fundraising events are crucial to share our work and raise funds and we are blessed to have Stephen and Greg both help raise funds recently while I was in the States. Thi also organized an event at her university in California which was a blessing too to help the university students. Go Philanthropic are very supportive too with finding sponsors and helping with our medical fund. 'Journey's of the Heart' helps many charities in Vietnam and we are grateful for their support for some years now with medical and education costs. We are blessed to have some wonderful donors too. Due to the wonderful support of our friends, partners, donors and sponsors we are able to help the children and families here in Vietnam; this changes many lives but also brings joy to many.

Small fundraising events or even web fundraising is always appreciated. Greg did a last minute event, showing that last minute events can work! We had a wonderful evening with Greg and I preparing and cooking Vietnamese food; we then all ate together with friends and I did a short presentation and answered questions. In that short evening $2000 was raised and long term interest in our work was generated. 

Small home events can be most productive and even when last minute; all are totally supportive and make a difference. We have presentations we can send you as well as brochures and business cards, and CEF board members can attend events if I am in Vietnam at the time of your event or we can program events in for when I am there.

I hope this helps to see how valuable each of you are, and that we can't do the work here in Vietnam without you. You often say how wonderful we are, but we are helpless without your enthusiastic support and care, practical help and financial support. 

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