Saturday, October 12, 2013

As soon as possible we need an especially caring sponsor for two girls whose sister committed suicide

The sponsor or sponsors needed for these two girls need to be willing to put an effort into supporting these two girls long term.

Their sister committed suicide recently. One is so traumatized she can hardly speak. The other seems to be coping well and is a bouncy little girl; but who knows really. The parents aren't coping.

The sponsor or sponsors need to be willing to commit long term to their education and the relationship.

The eldest is in grade 11 this year; her sponsorship is $300 for the year, it will be $300 next year also.

The younger girl is in grade 5 this year and her sponsorship for the year is $200. Next year it will be $250 for the that year and the following one.

The sponsor (s) need to be willing to write a letter about every 3-4 months; they will be translated. Letters can be about anything you want as long as it is appropriate (your family, your pets, your work, your environment, the autumn, the spring, etc.) but it needs to express care and support each time. Questions about the suicide must not be asked. If they want to tell you about it that is fine, but please don't ask.

It is important that it will not be expected that the girls to write back. We hope they will but will not push it at all. The point is they need as much loving care as can be shown to them as possible, now and long term.

We will provide yearly school results, and an update on each girl, and photos as with all sponsorships.

I know the right sponsor are out there! If you feel you can do this then please write to us and we can provide more details:

If in the States or Canada please write to
If in Australia or New Zealand or Europe please use this email address:

Thank you so much,

Linda Burn
Founding Director and In Country Manager

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