Friday, October 11, 2013

Girls in need of sponsors on 'International Day of the Girl Child', 11 October

Would you like to sponsor a girl for the remainder of her education, one year at a time?

Today is 'International Day of the Girl Child' and we happen to have completed many interviews of children in need of educational support recently. Each girl needs help for her to receive an education.

We have girls with ill parents, girls with parents who just can't earn enough to educate their girls, girls with parents but they are no longer taking care of them, girls with one parent, girls from large poor families; basically we have many girls who need a sponsor. We have girls far away in isolated areas and some closer to our office, some easy to see and some not; but they all need help. 15 of our girls in need of sponsors can be seen below.

Sponsorships vary from $200-$300 a year
Please let us know if you would love to sponsor a girl to be educated: (for Americans and Canadians) or (for Australians or New Zealanders)

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