Monday, May 12, 2014

Small fundraising events can make a big difference

Friends often say they can only do a small event at their home so that is not helpful and won't make a difference. Well they are totally wrong!

A friend invited some neighbors and friends over last minute for a Vietnamese meal that we jointly prepared.
The result is 4 children are in school for two years; that small event has made a difference!

Here are the girls in need of educational support and their stories to see how a simple and small event can change the lives of children and their families.

Her father left her and her mother when she was a baby. She lives with her grandmother who can't afford to educate her.  Her mother can't as well as she has remarried and has two children as well as a husband who has limited employment opportunities due to not having hearing or speech.  This help is needed to get her through school. 

Her dad had a motorbike accident resulting in brain injury. Although they borrowed for major brain surgery, it was not successful. Dad no longer works and mum is working to support the two of them and the three children. One sister has just had a tumor removed from her hand increasing the family debt. Mum is very stressed and just can't manage their education costs so this support for them is very needed.

Both her parents have poor health and recently they went into debt for dad to have major surgery. They can no longer afford to educate their three children without this help. 

Her father left her, two siblings and mum. Mum has to work far from home to support them, so they live on their own, and granny who lives near by, helps out when she can. As the children get older they have less to eat as their education costs keep climbing and mum can't earn any more. This support is vital.

A small event can change lives! Thank you Greg, your family, neighbors and friends for changing the lives of four families!

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