Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two girls in school for two years due to a kind donation

Another donation has made a difference! We received a kind donation from a friend who lives here in Vietnam, and wants to support CEF to help impoverished girls receive an education This gift has allowed CEF to sponsor two girls for two years!

The family income of one girl has been reduced dramatically as dad had a bad stroke recently. They already have a large debt so with just having mum's income from selling steamed buns, help is needed for her to continue her education. We are happy to be able to tell them she is sponsored as she is a good student who works hard.

This girls mother has advanced liver cancer and rarely feels well enough to work; when she can work, she sells vegetables. As they live in an area with little employment dad now has to work away from home to earn enough to support himself and contribute to the family costs. They are struggling to meet some of their basic needs and their situation is not improving. Help is crucial for her to continue her education. So we are thrilled she has support now as she also is a top student.

It is wonderful to be able to help these two girls to stay in school another two years!  

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