Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our medical fund enables us to help students in need of medical support

Even though CEF's work is to help girls from poor communities stay in school and finish school, sometimes they need medical support as well. Until we had a medical fund we rarely could help with health problems.

One girl in our education program had constant pain in her legs. She had been on various medications from the doctor and nothing made a difference.

We decided to try nutritional supplementation and provided multi-vitamins and minerals for six months. Within a month she had less pain and some months none. After the six months was up, a couple of months later the pains returned, and she went back on medications which didn't help. Due to having the 'Healthy Kids Fund' that was created for CEF by Go Philanthropic we have been able to continue to supply nutritional supplementation long term. We are very grateful for this fund as it is wonderful knowing we have funds available to help children with health issues.

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