Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanks to her new sponsor she can stay in school

When CEF met her recently we were saddened to see her situation. Her home and that of her brother, mother and grandmother is just one room, and in poor condition.

Dad was in bed with a feeding tube protruding from one nostril. He had fallen in the process of repairing the roof during a bad storm. He was taken to hospital and funds and gold were borrowed from neighbors to pay for his brain surgery, with no success. He unfortunately is a 'vegetable' now and can't do anything for himself or communicate at all.

It was touching to see mums still talks to him and strokes his hand when she talks. He looked happy, oblivious to his own suffering and the suffering around him.

The story gradually unfolded that he was a terrible father and husband; was abusive and neglectful. So he is very blessed to receive such tender care from his wife and the family.

Mum's work is collecting garbage, but she can only do that if someone else is available to look after her husband. So the debt just keeps growing.

We are very grateful that this lovely girl has a sponsor now, and has the opportunity to stay in school and complete her education.

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