Thursday, September 10, 2015

Snippets of CEF students letters

One of our tertiary students wrote about their summer:
.....During the summer I had to join in on some classes at college so I didn’t travel anywhere. Besides studying at college I also did a part time job which was suitable to my ability. Therefore I didn’t feel it was difficult or hard. I just quit that job at the beginning of the new school year because I want to concentrate to my study. 
However, there were many interesting things I did this summer. I did join some activities which were held by CEF such as the 'Water Safety and Beach Outing Day', and English classes at CEF. They were both fun and very helpful. 
And my aunts‘ family from Ha Noi went to my cousin’s wedding and then visited my family for a few days. I was very happy to see them because I hadn’t seen them for many years. The happiest day was my birthday because all my family and aunts’ family organized a small party for me at home. I really enjoyed it so much.....

One of our grade 11 students wrote about her summer:
....This summer the weather was terribly hot in Hoi An. It made us all, especially the farmers, feel tired and uncomfortable. With the weather being like this the beach became an amazing place for many people. At the beach we could enjoy the cool wind and cool water, or we could lie down and hear the soothing waves. 
Two months ago I joined in on the 'Water Safety and Beach Outing Day' with CEF, and of course, our destination was a beach in Hoi An. We learned swimming and played many games in the water for the whole morning. This was so much fun. After having lunch together we went to the cinema and watched a comedy. What a wonderful summers day that was! 
However, there were also a few cool days with rain this summer because of some storms in the ocean. If there hadn't been these cool days, I think there would be many people who would have gotten sick from the terrible heat.....

A secondary school child wrote about her friend who is like a sister:
...Thanks to getting encouragement from my parents, my family and CEF my results were much better in the second term. And there is a person that I cannot forget; it is my close friend Ngan. She is a tiny girl with short hair and a kind face. Because she is very meek, she is often bullied by other naughty male students. Her family is very poor and live very far from school. In the school year, every morning, Ngan and I go to school early to review the recent lessons and prepare for the new lessons. We often share our happiness and sadness together. In my mind Ngan is my sister, and a family member. And I also feel you, Linda and CEF staff are like my family members too. I wish all you good health, happiness and success in your work. I promise I will make more efforts in my study to get better results in this school year to make you, CEF and my parents happy.......

A secondary school girl wrote about being very happy with her results and a celebratory party:
...At the end of the last school year I was so happy because I was chosen as the best student in grade 6 at my school. My family cheered my achievement by making a small party at home. It made me so happy. I promised to myself that I will study really well in order not to deny my mother of her expectations of me. 
Sometimes I go out and play with Hien, my close friend. She is very humorous and friendly. We often share our stories and feelings together. After talking to her I always feel happier and fresher.....

Letters translated by staff from Vietnamese to English

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