Monday, September 14, 2015

Some of the CEF students work so hard to maintain a high standard

Some students work so hard to achieve a high standard at school and spend an unbelievable amount of hours each day to do this. This CEF student has a very sweet sponsor who offered her private English tuition, but she hasn't the time as she already is doing 18 hours of extra tuition sessions out of her school hours, plus all her school classes, and compulsory extra tuition at school, and all her home work! To maintain her standard she can't fit in more English classes as it will detract from her studies, and so she will need to wait until next summer to do the English course.

Some students really impress us at CEF with their attitude and the amount of time they put into studying without any external pressure due to their yearning to do really well at school.
This little grade 4 sweetheart is an only child of a single parent who is poor and hardly received any education herself, as was the case with her own mother. She works hard at school, studies a lot at home, and is the best student in her class. We and her mother are very proud of her, her efforts and her results.

One of our CEF students recently decided to stop being a novice nun. She loved being a novice nun, loved the peace and tranquility and the Buddhist studies.  But she is also very intelligent and an excellent student and could fit in the required school studies and maintain her standard while in secondary school. But she realized that once she entered high school it would be very hard to allocate the time needed to maintain her high standard. The work load is about twice as much when they are in high school. As she wants a university education she decided it was best to leave now before grade 10 started. She is content with her decision and we are sure she will do very well.

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