Thursday, December 31, 2015

Donations for Tet Food Parcels for the poorest of the CEF family needed

The most important annual celebration in Vietnam, Tet, (Vietnamese New Year) is coming soon! The poor can not afford to celebrate, making it a time of stress and disappointment, instead of one of happiness. It's a time of cleaning, renewal, forgiving, paying off debts and expressing gratitude and part of that means buying some new clothing to see the year in, and sharing special food with friends, family and neighbors. None of that is possible if they are poor.

We would like to help them enjoy this special and important event by giving some foods and treats for them to share. We are asking for donations for Tet Food Parcels for our poorest families.
When donating please specify the donation is for Tet Food Parcels.

Payment details including PayPal are on both the USA site ( and and Australian site ( Please use the relevant site (Americans and Canadians please use USA site, all other nationalities please use the Australian site).
We wish to bring them some happiness and hope you can help too!

Thank you,
Linda Burn, Founding Director and in-Country Manager - Vietnam
Children's Education Foundation

(Pictures are of  'Lucky Envelopes' in which we put some money for the children to buy themselves a treat. This is part of the Tet Food Parcel we give.)

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