Saturday, January 9, 2016

About Tet and what it means to many with video clip that expresses it beautifully ~Guest blog by CEF staff Ms Ngoc

This Tet video clip, although an advertisement, expresses how most Vietnamese families want to welcome Tet in with their closest family members. That is what our CEF children want too.Their parents may not be at home during Tet because they need to work to earn money and some of our children have to help their parents a lot over Tet and don't get to celebrate.

Our gifts of Tet Food Parcels are not big but for the poor, they are very valuable at Tet.  Normally, Vietnamese children will have new clothes, and are full of delicious food at Tet while our CEF children's situations are one of struggle so they do not have anything. Therefore, if they receive our gift of a food parcel, I am sure that they will be overjoyed.

Last year, although it rained heavily and was cold, all the families come to Hoi An to receive gifts regardless of how far they had to travel. We hope with your help we can raise more funds to be able to give this simple, yet meaningful gift.

Below is a link to a song that expresses beautifully the importance of Tet. It is in Vietnamese and below is an explanation.

This is a very touching video clip. The little girl is waiting for the phone call from her father who lives far from home. She is very happy to hearing the phone ring. However, she is mute so she cannot answer the call. After knowing that her father cannot return home at Tet because he is too busy at work, she is very sad. When she receives gifts and lucky money from her family members she is very excited and run to her room to talk online with her father. She said that she had a lot of gifts but she prefers having her father at home. She says she has saved a lot of lucky money so he does not need to work hard, and please return home because she misses him. It is really moving. Then the father decides to return home because he loves his daughter a lot and wants to welcome the new year with his family. (Written by CEF staff Ngoc)

Donations for Tet Food Parcels can be made on PayPal. If you are an American or Canadian please use this website: and if Australian or from New Zealand or anywhere else please use:  Banking details are on each site as well. Thank you so much!

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