Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eleven girls are in school due to the generous support of Tamara

Most CEF sponsors just sponsor one child, some two and a few three as we ask for a commitment to see the child through their education whether they start sponsoring the student in grade 4 or in grade 7, and that's a big commitment one we all really appreciate.

We are thrilled to hear from someone who wants to sponsor as it means they will be able to help that child stay in school, support them being educated, therefore giving them a very different future to the life of a child who has to stop their education at 10 or 13.

Sometimes we are blessed to have donations, that are non-specific allowing us to use those funds for CEF activities, workshops or even to be able to contribute to staffing costs as without staff we can't do anything. Even though these donations don't come with stipulations we love to see their funds helping some of  the children in need of sponsorship or scholarship as well.    

These eleven children have their education funded by Tamara's monthly donations enabling them to continue their education. As she is a committed donor we know that we can commit to helping these girls complete their education.

When poor and an education is unaffordable it is devastating for children to be removed from school, to know their future may well end up being the same as their mother who collects garbage to bring in funds for food each day.

Some have sad situations that mean they just can't afford their living costs. The mother of the girl above had a nervous breakdown after the birth of her last child and since hasn't been able to work leaving dad to be responsible for the care and support of his four daughters and his wife.

Her parents have poor health as well as living where there is no work limiting their income to support four children.   Dad has to go away for months at a time to work in large cities just to feed his family.

 Her mother has such debilitating migraines that nothing seems to relieve and the most she can manage is to look after the home and the four girls. Dad's income is seasonal as he is a deep sea fisherman and they have months on end with no income.

Her parents are divorced and she is cared for by her granny who has terrible health and an income of about $3 a day, just enough to feed her but not support her education.

 Her mother is uneducated and 'simple'. She manages to farm rice to feed them, but she has no income as she is not employable.

 Her parents died from HIV and her only sibling is unwell too. She lives with an old and ill granny and is not well cared for. Fortunately her teachers care about her.

Her parents divorced when she was very young and she now lives with her granny whose income is too small to send her to school.

These girls have a future now and their family members are hugely relieved to have this educational support. Most parents and grandparents want to see them be educated but when they haven't enough income no matter how much they want that it is just not possible.

Sponsorships, scholarships, funding of programs and non-specific donations are so appreciated that we can't easily express how much they mean to us at CEF and to the families.  

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