Friday, March 23, 2018

Feelings and Thoughts on Child Sexual Abuse ~ Guest blog by CEF's Kim Chi

I was distressed each time I read stories of girls who were victims of child sexual abuse, and I think it impacted me a lot as I have two daughters. Therefore I wondered if we could do anything for CEF’s girls and the families to raise awareness and teach them how to protect themselves.
I wrote an email to Linda as she was overseas at that time and she replied we should do a talk for our CEF children asap. After discussing together, we decided to do talks on this topic on CEF’s payment days because this was the best opportunity, as all of the CEF children and parents / grandparents attend.
So far I am pleased with the talks I made on a sensitive subject. It not only helps the children and parents to be well informed about child sexual abuse, but also makes the parents think and care for their children even when they are busy.
I gained experience and knowledge and will be able to teach my daughters when they are older and also share this knowledge with my community. Hopefully, our efforts to educate will help reduce this issue in Viet Nam.

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