Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Staff time relaxation together is valuable ~ Guest blog by CEF's newsest staff member Thuy Dinh

Honestly, it’s very hard for all staff to have the time and the chance to hang out together.
Thanks to our CEF Director, Mrs. Linda, she gave us one and a half hours of work time to be together on International Women’s Day. This opportunity was used to meet up at a coffee shop and we had a fabulous time.
Besides talking about work, we had a lot of experiences to share with each other. For me it was especially good to share more about myself with my colleagues. Moreover, I was able to discuss my difficulties when starting the new job at CEF and I received some useful advice from them as well as them sharing their helpful experiences.
After spending that time together, I feel that we are not only colleagues, but also sisters in one family. I think I am so lucky to work with such supportive and helpful staff.

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